How to Randomness

When we say “pick a random number” the obvious problem is that randomization is not possible. So you’re stuck with pseudo randomization, and this is not all, there is another problem as well.

if I pick a random number and it’s between 0 and 100 your odds of figuring it out is 1/100. But if I pick a number from the range 0 to 1000 and I tell you the range, then the odds for you guessing it is  1/1000. How if I don’t tell you that it’s 0 to 1000. So actually it can be just one of 1000 integers, but you can’t know that. So it becomes as random as having to guess for numbers between 0 and infinite.

That’s the problem. How do you pick a number randomly from infinity?

To summarize. We have random which is void of any tampering. It is the entire number space as it is. Actually it’s wrong to even say “number space” because it implies limits. Indeed, it is infinity. Now let’s take a number out of that by some means, now we’re cutting down the entropy from maximum (pure random) to something that no longer is random. We’ve introduced order to where there was no order before. We’ve fundamentally altered the system by tampering with it. Now there is no randomness left.

There is still entropy, but that is not the same thing as “random”. Actually, entropy is a measure of order and not the measure of randomness. It’s the measure to say how far we’ve come from randomness.

The Randomness Paradox

Because we try to create randomness out of randomness, we end up with the opposite of randomness. Varying degrees of opposite of randomness. Because the only way to “take random number” is to apply some form of order i.e. lack of entropy in to a random system. The process is actually to take “order” and not to take “random number”. What we call pseudo randomization is a process of adding order in to randomness.

We can’t make randomness of anything like it. Because it is the actual natural state of everything. It is our language and the methods that are based on language, such as mathematics, that reveal the relative side of the ultimate, which is the random state.