Automated Research and Beyond

You will soon be able to explain a research question to a machine and get an answer in return.

Thou Shalt Not Fear Automatons

Unlike the pundits would like you to think, it’s our ignorance we should fear, not the intelligence of machines.

Hyperparameter Optimization with Keras

Finding the right hyperparameters for your deep learning model can be a tedious process. It doesn’t have to.

Data as Cost

If data is cost, and algos are commodity, what is it that we should value in the coming age of automated decision making?

Five Essential Points on Data Visualization

The goal of data visualization is to act as a catalyst for some sort of behavior change, yet mostly practitioners focus on other things.

Demystifying Causality

If researchers agree that cause and effect is important, why is it not the standard and correlation is — the blocker, is it philosophical or logistical?


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