1/ Getting Started

Deep learning with Autonomio is as easy and intuitive as it would be to learn and play an interesting computer game. If data plays an important role in your daily life, it will be better than any game.

>>  Run in a docker container for zero-hassle experience
>>  Option for both Autonomio GUI and Jupyter based use
>>  Available for install through PyPi or Git source

2/ Workflow

>>  Access through GUI or intuitive single-command namespace
>>  Optimized for Notebook use
>>  Train and deploy a neural network in minutes
>>  Never touch code (if you don’t want to)
>>  Access through browser as self-hosted SaaS

3/ Features

>>  TensorFlow backend with Keras abstractions
>>  word2vec based word vectorization
>>  language agnostic classification capability
>>  semantic support for over 10 languages through spaCy
>>  Both ‘x’ and ‘y’ can be text objects (e.g. tweet text and category labels)
>>  Integrated plotting with special focus on deep learning outputs